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Information about our events is also posted at Contact Information Executive Director: Cindy Yu, Interim Executive Director Board Leader: Bob Sferra, Board President Board Leader: Meg Doerr, 1st Vice President Board Leader: Joe Hazen, 2nd Vice President Main: 216-651-5428Fax: 216-651-6439Hotline: 216-651-5428Helpline: 888-429-8761Public Contact: Karla Rothan, Executive Director Executive Director: Karla Rothan, Executive Director Senior Leader: Michele Fregonas, Office Manager Board Leader: Bruce Shalter, President - Board of Trustees Board Leader: Terrence Wheeler, Board Vice President Main: 614-299-7764Fax: 614-299-4408Hotline: 614-299-7764Public Contact: Toby Jenkins, Executive Director Executive Director: Toby Jenkins, Executive Director Board Leader: Kris Wilmes, President, Board of Directors Main: 918-743-4297Fax: 918-295-6885Hotline: 918-743-4297Helpline: 918-743-4297• This group supports LGBT families with children of all ages.
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